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Who I am?

My name is Shirin, Shirin Danesh. I'm from Iran and was born in 1984. I'm a Wife of a wonderful husband, mom of two amazing children ( Arshia & Asal )
Let me tell you about my love and passion!! My true passion has always been "To Create",  "To Design", and "to Add" values to our everyday life. That's why I left my Bachelor of Science in Geology behind and one day started chasing my all-time desire of creativity. In Iran I studied Fashion Design and graduated from Pars Tehran Academy, and currently I am a student of Fashion Design with Specialization in Marketing in VCAD College located in Vancouver, Canada.
I get my inspirations from a variety of sources around me; nature, people, a blended society, immigration and of course my own story! The story of being always true to myself, following my dreams and on top of all A VALUE. Read more about my value on VALUES highlight.

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